• Alibaba Global Virtual Exibition

    Malaysia is the country outside of China that’s authorized to co-organize this event, and has now expanded the application eligibility from Malaysia to include other ASEAN countries, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, and Myanmar.

    This is the largest startups contest in the world and has been known as the "Olympics" for the technology venture capital sector. It is expected to create WAVEs in 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things, AR/VR, drones, smart community, smart logistics, connected vehicles, smart medical care, smart city, smart energy, smart grid for startups in Malaysia and the ASEAN region. We are grateful to be the organizer for the ASEAN region where we have invited judges from China and respective ASEAN region representatives.

    Throughout this event, we are expecting 1000 start-up participants, 2000 global exhibitors and more than 5000 visitors & audiences who will access our virtual exhibition and connect to all participating virtual booths.